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Intuitive Guidance Consultant

Some of our ancestral communities believed that our creative souls composed a story that would contain our purpose for coming to earth. Yet, the bodies and families we were born into, along with our childhood experiences, would pose severe challenges to living our story and accomplishing that purpose. Due to these societal pressures and social conditioning, we do not remember our purpose. Clues may come to us in dreams, memories, family stories, but who we ar​e, why we came here, and what we came here to create remains a mystery.

As your intuitive guidance consultant, my role is to engage you in the memory of your life purpose and to help you uncover the main story hidden beneath your life experiences. To discover who you are and why you are here is to live your life narrative consciously with joy regardless of life’s challenges.

A native of Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Amenti Sujai is currently Associate Professor of Religion and Chair of the Religion Department at Allen University in Columbia, SC. Before her teaching position at Allen, she was Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion and Associate Director of the Center for Vocational Reflection at Claflin University in Orangeburg, SC. She has also taught at the University of Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada, and served as Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Martin University in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Dr. Sujai attended Southern Illinois University and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. She continued her education at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, where she earned the Master of Theological Studies degree in Religion in Society and Personality. She earned a Ph.D. degree from Northwestern University in Religion in Society and Personality. Her doctoral studies and research were in the following three areas: History of the Christian Church, Psychology of Religion, and Womanist/Feminist Ethics. Dr. Sujai is also an intuitive guidance consultant and writer, and she also conducts retreats on life spiritual experiences and life purpose.

Dr. Sujai is active in several academic and social organizations, including the Society for the ​Study of Black Religion, the American Academy of Religion, the American Psychological Association, the Association of Black Psychologists, and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

She is married to Rev. Daniel Troy Hembree, Ph.D., a native of Detroit, Michigan, who is Professor of Pastoral Care and Theology at Dickerson-Green Theological Seminary at Allen University, and as Pastor of St Mark United Methodist Church in Sumpter, SC.

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